PBT1.00 – Project 2 out of 21 to $1,048,000

The Personal Business Training 1.00 (PBT1.00)

Project 2:

– To invest our Business budget of $1.00 and achieve 100% return of $2.00.


Project 2 - bottles of waterTarget Product:

– It was very hard to find a product that I could buy for one dollar ($1.00) and sell for two ($2.00). After some time, I found it!! Costco Wholesale has a machine with bottles of water for .50 cents. So, I headed to Costco Wholesale at 9010 Michigan Road Indianapolis, IN 46268. Since I did not had a membership card (my wife has it but I am not in the membership) I asked the person at the door to let me in to buy 2 bottles of waters. He accepted and at that point i had a product!!!


Kai and Aimee from LA Fitness @ Rockville Rd. Indianapolis

Kai and Aimee from LA Fitness @ Rockville Rd. Indianapolis

Target Customer Center: 

– Today was a cool day (around 35°F), so I had limited options to sell the bottles of water. I thought to go to a few Gyms or Fitness Centers and I decided to Start at LA Fitness at 10238 U.S. 36, Avon, IN 46123. The idea was to ask the manager permission to sell the bottles of waters in their parking lot… I met Ms. Aimee Sickmeier and the Manager Mr. Kai Leung. After explaining what I was doing, they decided to buy the water themselves.  Thank you guys!!!

So… With that said, Project 2 is DONE!!!



PBT1.00 – Video 1 of 2 for Project 2 out of 21 to $1,048,000

PBT1.00 – Video 2 of 2 for project 2 out of 21 for $1,048,000


PBT1.00 – Project 1 out of 21 to $1,048,000

Image-One DollarProject 1: 

To provide a service and make revenue of $1.00 to fund my business.

The Ask:

I sent an email to a group of 22 Business & Networking Contacts. Here is the message i sent:

– “Hello Business Partners,

I am starting a Personal Business Training Program that consists of 21 Projects. For my first project, my challenge is to fund my business with $1.00 (One Dollar)

I know it sounds easy but the rules say that I can’t just pull a dollar from my wallet or ask for it, I need to provide a service that earns revenues of $1.00 (One Dollar) and document the process.

So, I need your Help.

I would like to help any of you in your business. Please let me know what I can do for your business to be able to achieve my first GOAL.

My next Project will begin as soon as this one is completed and documented. For Project 2, I have to invest that dollar and double my investment for revenue of $2.00.

If you have ideas and would like to help me with project 2 or simply like to learn about my training progress… Please let me know and I will keep you posted. It really helps to keep myself committed.

Thank you very much.

Best regards,

Juan Rivera”


The Deal:

Out of 22 networking partners, I got only ONE (1) response.

Mrs. Julie Potts – Senior Director for Mary Kay.
She wrote something that meant a lot to me. I think is the reason I started this Training Program in the first place.

Julie wrote:
“Personal Business Training Program.
I believe the #1 inhibitor of dreams realized is FEAR.
If you can take $1 and help someone overcome their personal fear then you can double help them double their income.  What can I do to help besides donate a dollar?”

So, I started my venture…

– my first customer was Julie Potts (Senior Director at Mary Kay) and we agreed that she would pay me $1.00 if I refer someone to a Mary Kay event she was hosting the following Tuesday. I referred my beautiful and supportive sister Wanda.

The Conclusion:

After 6 LONG DAYS, their event went flawless and now my first Project is DONE!!!

I now have a Business Capital of $1.00

Thank you Julie!

The $1,048,000 Theory in 21 Projects

Stack Of CashThe $1,048,000 Dollar Theory in 21 projects is a project that I have being working on for over 10 years. Long Time ago I read a book called The Weekend Millionaire’s Real Estate Investing Program by Roger Dawson. In one of the chapters, the author talked about wealth creation. He said that if you double $1 twenty times, you would end up with over 1 million dollars. Incredible right!!!

So I did my homework. Here it is…

Project # Goal
Project 1 $1.00
Project 2 $2.00
Project 3 $4.00
Project 4 $8.00
Project 5 $16.00
Project 6 $32.00
Project 7 $64.00
Project 8 $128.00
Project 9 $256.00
Project 10 $512.00
Project 11 $1,024.00
Project 12 $2,048.00
Project 13 $4,096.00
Project 14 $8,192.00
Project 15 $16,384.00
Project 16 $32,768.00
Project 17 $65,536.00
Project 18 $131,072.00
Project 19 $262,144.00
Project 20 $524,288.00
Project 21 $1,048,576.00

So, It is true!!! If you only double your money 20 times starting with one dollar you will have over $1,000,000 (One Million Dollars). I could not believe it. So Simple! right? (NOT)

I have tried, this project over 12 times over 10 years and for one reason or the other, it all falls apart. Most of the times in the first stages. Some times because of lack of commitment and other times because of miss use of the funds… As soon as I started seeing money coming in, then Life happen. Emergency after emergency kept me from moving forward with the process…

After much time of thinking, I have figure out that my biggest issue was commitment. Every time i started this project, I kept it to myself and left that room to fail without no one knowing. I think that if I had a way to keep myself committed to the process, I would be able to complete the program and walk out with over $1,000.000 (One Million Dollars) The Pink Unicorn!

With that said… Here I go again!!!

This time I have decided to make my process Public… That way there is no Room To Fail. I have created some rules to keep me on my toes.

Rule 1:

– Funds need to be 100% created. No donations or self funding.

Rule 2:

– Every project needs to be documented in detail with at least 1 Picture and 1 Video

Rule 3:

– If a project has extra revenue, that extra monies will be donated.

Rule 4:

– If a project fails to achieve 100% of the goal, The project will roll back to the previous and any excess monies will be donated.

So, That is it!!!

If you are willing to help me with Ideas to complete my projects, or if you would like to start this project on your own… Just let me know so we can help each other to stay committed and make this happen!!!